Virtual Design Consultation

virtual design service consultationIt’s easy to shop online for furniture and more! We provide support in your buying needs online with our virtual design service consultation .You get the expertise of a professional and the benefit of low online pricing.

We provide online and offline guidance by helping you choose products, themes, and concepts that suit you best. We not only help you keep your project within a budget, but also counsel you on a project that you are working on, simply as a second opinion.

Other services rendered through our virtual consultation include:

– an overnight makeover for a party that you’re having next day (eg: quick changes in the drapes etc)

– basic start-up tips (first step to making your dream space come true)

– knowledge about the market prices (no one wants to pay more!)

– virtual shopping in a brick & mortar store

– ask us to shop for your space abroad when he is scouting for the best

– discussion on budgeting a project

– a technical issue that you need a solution to

– high-class, fancy, styling-tips

– advice on a start-up work space that you need minimal support for if you’re low on funds

– any form of virtual design service consultation in the form of any guidance.

All of the above is available to you at an hourly fee. All you need to do is fill in your details below, and we will contact you with details regarding applicable fee, the time we feel is required for your design counselling.

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