children's museum interior design

Being the first ones to design the children’s museum in Hyderabad makes us feel upbeat and we got the opportunity to give this science museum its name “PLABO”. Lot of research in understanding how children’s museum operate with extensive research through travel in Europe and China gave us the understanding to deliver this project . The strategic alliances we have build while doing this gives us confidence in delivering more of such spaces . Being super successful venture in Hyderabad ,PLABO remains to be a crowd puller. We have expertise in designing the layouts strategically with what would attract children and be remunerative. The overall design concepts are truly styled in international class and the constraints of Indian construction quality is kept in mind while designing such spaces .Sustainability and low maintenance is also a key factor in such projects. Spending time for clients with vendors abroad involves long stays at factories globally to get clients equipment that would be appropriate. We are equipped to take complete responsibility here for setting up your child’s museum and play centre with strategic design ,concept , feasibility report , sourcing support, branding, technical design , project management and end to end solutions.