Hospitality Interior Design

The design of restaurants, cafes, and hotels are currently dynamic with clients, who are hands in on the design process. The cost remains the chorus throughout this process . We strive to do more exciting owner-vision, driven spaces, and collaborating as partners rather than just having a professional relationship . We are also open to designing spaces globally by creating a prototype and letting the owner take it forward with native architects and designers.

Workspaces Interior Design

We boast of a tradition in designing unorthodox workspaces that have become a personality for organisations. Be it a start-up, corporate, or a professional office or even another workspace, we are enthusiastic to deliver designs that evoke the senses and expand the mind . The unorthodox design is a unique discipline chosen to attract clients who understand this concept. The post handover support is one of the various elements that our clients appreciate about us, as we believe in caring for our creation.

1 Hour complimentary consultation

This is a warm up consultation for us to know each other and understand your project and totally complimentary . Just fill in your personal information and we will Video call through Skype at a time suggested by you subject to our designers being available

Residential Interior Design

Homes are so much more than an assignment, they are canvases full of aspirations. Clients approach us with blank canvases waiting to be coloured, defined, and effusively designed with ergonomics, functionality and creativity. Residential interiors are all about understanding these particular canvases of aspirations by interacting with and observing of the clients, in order to translate them into designs. We pledge vows to fulfil our client's desire, and creatively expand in order to reach our high-end expectations. This process also involves constructive criticism as we believe that everything can be worked upon . . .

Children's Museum & play centre Interior Design

Being the first ones to design the children's museum in Hyderabad makes us feel upbeat and we got the opportunity to give this science museum its name “PLABO”. Lot of research in understanding how children's museum operate with extensive research through travel in Europe and China gave us the understanding to deliver this project . The strategic alliances we have build while doing this gives us confidence in delivering more of such spaces . Being super successful venture in Hyderabad ,PLABO remains to be a . . .

Virtual Design consultation

It’s easy to shop online for furniture and more! We provide support in your buying needs online with our virtual service .You get the expertise of a professional and the benefit of low online pricing. We provide online and offline guidance by helping you choose products, themes, and concepts that suit you best. We not only help you keep your project within a budget, but also counsel you on a project that you are working on, simply as a second opinion. Other services rendered through our virtual consultation include: - an overnight makeover for a party that you're having next day . . .